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Ideal Higher Secondary School, Bhopal is a school with a difference. The school teaches not only the secrets of achieving success, but also the ethics of managing success. A holistic education program is worked out in a manner that yields all round personality development of a child in a real sense of the term. The school through a wide range of its activities discovers an individual's talents and moulds a genius out of every child. It is a melting pot of Science and Spirituality, Commerce and Commonsense, Creativity and Conformity, Learning and Un-learning too that prepares a student not only for a living but also for life. Throughout the history of mankind, values had no other substitutes. But they cannot be acquired in a day or a year. Character is cultivated through the foundational years of childhood, just as a sapling is nurtured to become a strong unshakable tree. I feel Ideal is trying to do just that.

It is a long way to go. The inspiring lines of Robert Frost,

 "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
   But I have promises to keep,
   And miles to go before I sleep,
   And miles to go before I sleep."

speak well of our journey which has no stops in vertical and horizontal directions of our endeavors for improvement in the various aspects of  education.  CFI Council For Education visualizes to have three folds of educational centers to serve our great nation. One being the Schools of Excellence of International standard, 2nd Ideal Schools of National standard and 3rd the Model Schools at the town/village levels. Thus, Ideal Higher Secondary School, Bhopal is going to be one among the series of such Ideal Schools in the country.
         We understand, the excellence in students' achievement, the satisfaction of parents and the in toto impact of educational ambiences in the all round development of students are the factors which will provide us the privilege to serve their educational needs and we are thriving to do so continually. National patriotism and international understanding is the core of our educational values that we will keep to help our children imbibing in their process of schooling to make them an asset to nation and a global citizen that foster mutual cooperation, respect authority, loyalty towards family, friends and fellow citizens with a sense of responsibility that makes them sincere towards the national and international society and the environment.
         This website is going to be a window on the world of education and educationists. Loaded with long 25 years of experience gained as Educational Administrator and Deputy Director, Education in Govt. sector I envision to bring a paradigm shift in the approach and the attitude of schooling system which goes with the pace of the ever changing scenarios of the ever changing needs of the society and therefore suggestions and guidance received of any sort shall be solicited with high regard and commitment if found suitable for the growth of the institution(s).

                                                                                            Director, CFI Council For Education
                                                                                            Director, Ideal Higher Secondary School, Bhopal

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